About Us

Who We Are

Citrus Aid is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, providing quality-of-life help and services to cancer patients, survivors, and their caregivers in Citrus County.

Where It All Began

Founded in 2013, it is a completely volunteer based foundation.  In 2012, many of the cancer volunteers and members of the Citrus County community recognized that a significant gap existed in quality-of-life services and financial support for a large number of cancer patients undergoing treatment in our area. Lengthy treatment periods often cause many patients to exhaust all available financial help, including their incomes, savings, and family support.  Meetings with community leaders, cancer survivors, and cancer volunteers helped identify key unmet needs and we launched a range of financial, emotional, and referral services to help address them.

Seeing The Unmet Need

Most people realize that patients who lack health insurance face tremendous financial problems. However, even those with health insurance can quickly exhaust their financial resources, leading to the possibility of not being able to pursue their cancer therapy as planned.  The CITRUS AID CANCER FOUNDATION goes beyond other existing community, regional, and national resources to help those in need.

The types of services we provide, as funds allow, include:

• Referral to existing programs locally, regionally, and nationally for assistance.

• Assistance regarding transportation to and from cancer treatments.

• Assistance with obtaining medication necessary for quality of life during cancer treatment.

• Assistance with screening studies for the underserved.

• Emotional support for cancer patients and their loved ones via our Social Workers and our support groups.

• Financial support of local patient support groups

We Are The Citrus Aid Cancer Foundation

We begin by meeting and talking with each patient to gain an understanding of their needs, and then tailor plans to assist them accordingly if necessary.